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The Krai government-owned publicly funded health care institution “The diagnostic center of the Altai Krai” is the lead consultative and diagnostic institution of the region. The main goal of the center is patients’ consultation and screening including violently ill ones demanding the presence of highly qualified doctors and the usage of highly informative diagnostic aids. All diagnostic procedures undertake with the equipment of the highest world standards.
The complex of the high technology screenings such as X-ray control, ultrasound, MRI, multi-layer spiral CT, allows early diagnosis of different diseases including cancerous ones. Nevertheless all the equipment would be a bunch of metal if not for the highly qualified staff. They are advanced practice professionals and the first category doctors among which are four Doctors of Medicine, twenty-three Candidates of Medicine, eight Excellent Workers of Public Health, the Honored Health Care Workers and doctors.

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Are you time poor? Are you always busy at work or cannot you let see the doctors most weeks? However, remember that the shortage of self-attention can result in the serious health problems some day or other.

We propose the solution, which is a complete physical examination!

The diagnostic center of the Altai Krai has special programmes of the most demanded approaches in accordance with the protocols of the lead national and foreign clinics. The complete physical check-up takes a short time frame and includes the list of necessary tests for the functional state of the body assessment on your current issue.

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Diseases of the endocrine system

  Gynecic wellness

Gastrointestinal issues


Cardiovascular diseases


Risk of cerebral vascular accident

Headache syndrome

Lung diseases



  Our advantages:
  • A client-centered approach
Our patients’ health is our priority.
  • The highly qualified staff
We have experienced specialists: advanced practice professionals, Candidatesand Doctors of Medicine, Excellent Workers of Public Health.
  • Expert level equipment

We have only the modern equipment of the world’s top equipment manufacturers.

  • Supermodern laboratory
We have the widest laboratory in the Altai Krai. All the procedures are computer-equipped resulting in avoidance any mistakes.
  • Scientific approach
Some departments of the Altai state medical university are the Diagnostic center of the Altai Krai-based.

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Insurance medicine department: +7(3852)-55-88-20